A modern solution for better construction, Maxcrete AAC Blocks made with Cement, Sand, Lime, Aluminum powder and Gypsum. With such strong composition, no wonder Maxcrete AAC Blocks are highly robust and durable despite their light weight.


Maxcrete AAC Block is an environment-friendly product made from cement, limestone, sand, gypsum, aluminum powder, and water. No pollution or hazardous wastes are generated while producing the AAC Blocks.


Ease in installation and reduction of dead load of buildings results in reduction of the use of cement and reinforcement which helps tremendously in cost saving.

Faster Construction

Maxcrete AAC blocks are larger in size, and easy to handle, so the construction will be faster compared to conventional bricks.


Walls made of Maxcrete AAC block are lighter in weight, which reduces overall building load and provides superior protection against earthquakes.

Minimal Workforce

AAC Block masonry requires less manpower to carry out the tasks due to the bigger size and light weight of the blocks.

Zero Curing

Walls made of Maxcrete AAC blocks don’t demand any curing (only the mortar joints need to be cured with water).

Noise Reduction

Maxcerete AAC block has excellent acoustic performance and can work as an effective sound barrier.

Thermal Insulation

Maxcrete AAC blocks have a very low thermal conductivity which keeps the interior remain cool in summer and warm in winter.

Fire Rating

Non-combustible & can withstand 4-6 hours of direct heat exposure.

Dimensional Accuracy

Its automatic manufacturing process gives excellent dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface.

Everlasting Life

Maxcrete AAC blocks are not affected by harsh climate conditions and will not degrade under normal atmospheric conditions.